Advanced Technology

High-tech dentistry for high-quality results and a comfortable experience

Our office is equipped with the most advanced dental technology in order to provide our patients with high-quality, minimally invasive care. Here is some information about the state-of-the-art equipment in our office.

  • Ultrasonic scalers for gentle, thorough cleaning

    Advanced Technology - Ultrasonic ScalerOur doctors use ultrasonic scalers for regular and deep teeth cleanings for a thorough yet comfortable experience. Ultrasonic scalers use sound waves to break up bacterial deposits and dislodge plaque and tartar from the surface of the teeth. They are more thorough than traditional hand scalers and are adjustable for patients who have sensitive teeth.

  • Intraoral camera

    Advanced Technology - Intraoral CameraAn intraoral camera is a small, handheld camera that shows detailed digital images of the inside of the patient’s mouth on a computer screen. Our doctors use this technology for accurate diagnostics and as a useful way to clearly show dental issues to patients.

  • Digital X-rays with 80% less radiation

    Advanced Technology - Digital X-raysOur doctors use digital X-rays to clearly show you any issues that are of concern to them. They use 80% less radiation and produce more accurate images than traditional film X-rays. They can also be produced much faster.

  • 3D Cone Beam CT Scanner

    Advanced Technology - Cone Beam ScannerDr. Amini uses a top-of-the-line dental imaging unit, a 3D cone beam CT scanner which is used to give 3D and 360º views of the teeth, jaw and skull for the precise planning of the implant placement procedures.

  • Digital panoramic X-rays

    Advanced Technology - Panoramic X-raysOur cone beam CT dental scanner also allows for panoramic two-dimensional X-rays, which conveniently captures the entire mouth and jaw in crystal-clear detail in a flat image, so the doctor can easily see any problematic areas.

  • High-tech fiber optics for well-illuminated, precise treatment

    Advanced Technology - Fiber OpticsThe doctors use an advanced KaVo fiber optics system, which allows them to easily control lighting for a well-illuminated view of your mouth at all times.

  • Electrosurgical instruments for minimally invasive, precise treatment

    Advanced Technology - ElectrosurgeryDr. Amini performs electrosurgery, a modern procedure that uses high-frequency electric currents for precise, minimally invasive surgery for the soft tissues of the mouth. With electrosurgery, patients feel more comfortable and experience faster healing.

  • Electric handpieces for a more comfortable experience

    Advanced Technology - Electric HandpiecesOur doctors use electric handpieces instead of a traditional air-driven drill for a quieter, more comfortable and more efficient dental experience. Electric handpieces are used for a number of routine dental procedures.

  • Apex locators for precise, successful root canals

    Advanced Technology - Apex LocatorAn apex locator is used to help our doctors perform precise root canal procedures (endodontics). This cutting-edge electronic device is used to accurately determine the length of the root canal, which is an essential step in root canal therapy.

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