Comfort & Sedation

Comfort & Sedation

We offer warm blankets to keep you comfortable during treatment.

Comfortable and pain-free treatment

At Design Dental Group, we strive to keep you comfortable through all steps of your treatment, starting from when you first walk through our office door. With our calming atmosphere, friendly and gentle care, minimally invasive treatment and comfort amenities, we create a relaxing, gentle dental experience.

Friendly, relaxing environment

Comfort & Sedation

We make sure you are relaxed and comfortable at all times.

The atmosphere of our office is very calming. The office is decorated in pleasant earth tones,  and has large windows that let in natural light and give you a view of our garden. We also have a soothing waterfall fountain.

Dr. Amini and Dr. Farzin are very caring and warm. Their calming, gentle demeanor will help you feel relaxed during your treatment. They are extremely conscientious about keeping you comfortable and out of pain. They will explain your entire procedure in full before they begin so that way you’ll understand everything that occurs. Throughout your procedure, they’ll check with you to make sure you’re doing well.

Comfort amenities

Comfort & Sedation

Our exam rooms are clean and comfortable.

Our team will provide you with comfort amenities such as blankets, pillows and headphones for music during your visit. Our comfortable chairs are equipped with their own individual TVs.

Minimally invasive, comfortable treatment

Dr. Amini and Dr. Farzin make use of state-of-the-art technology for a pain-free, minimally invasive experience. For instance, ultrasonic cleaning devices are used to gently break up plaque and tartar buildup using sound waves. Also, our advanced electrosurgical equipment uses high-frequency electric currents for precise, minimally invasive surgical procedures.

For dental implants, Dr. Amini uses top-of-the-line imaging technology to precisely plan the procedure ahead of time. This allows him to place the implants without cutting or stitches, which means minimal or no post-treatment discomfort.

Gentle, pain-free injections

The doctors’ injections of local anesthetic are gentle and painless. They make sure to administer the anesthetic very slowly, which results in minimal discomfort.

Relax with the help of sedation

Comfort & SedationSome people feel nervous about getting dental work done and may be so fearful that they avoid treatment altogether. Sedation dentistry is ideal for these patients. It can also be helpful during long or complex procedures, such as wisdom teeth extractions, dental implant procedures and full-mouth reconstruction treatments.

To help you relax during your treatment, we offer three sedation options: oral sedation, IV sedation (also known as Deep Conscious Sedation) and Inhalation Conscious Sedation with nitrous oxide (also known as “laughing gas”).

Oral sedation

Oral sedation is the use of a pill for moderate, conscious sedation. We offer Halcion (triazolam) for this purpose.

Nitrous oxide

Nitrous oxide, commonly known as “laughing gas,” is inhaled through a mask over your nose, inducing a relaxed state. This type of sedation is known as Inhalation Conscious Sedation. You will remain conscious with this option.

IV sedation

With IV sedation, also known as Deep Conscious Sedation, medication is administered directly into the bloodstream intravenously, and you are put into a relaxed, light sleep-like state. You are not totally unconscious as with general anesthesia; you can still follow the doctor’s instructions and respond to his communication. This option is considered to be optimum for patient comfort and safety, as it allows the anesthesiologist to precisely control the anesthesia levels. We have our own anesthesiologist, a medical doctor, that comes to our office to administer the IV sedation.

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