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Dr. Amini provides all the dental implant services you need.

Minimally invasive, long-lasting Dental Implants

A dental implant is a titanium post placed in the jawbone to simulate a tooth root and is usually topped by a crown or denture. It is considered to be the ideal solution for replacing missing teeth.

Dr. Amini provides expert, full dental implant services in the comfort of our modern office. He can take care of any requirement needed as part of your implant treatment.

Dental implant expert with top-level training

Meet the Doctors

Dr. Amini has extensive advanced training in dental implants.

Dr. Amini is a prosthodontist, a specialist in restoring and replacing teeth. Dental implant surgery and the creation of replacement teeth is an important focus of prosthodontics. Dr. Amini has additionally completed further, extensive training in dental implants, completing a full-time training program at Loma Linda University and obtaining a surgical fellowship.

He also trains others in the field of implantology. Due to his level of expertise, Dr. Amini was asked to join the faculty at Loma Linda University, where he now serves as an assistant professor at its Center for Prosthodontic and Implant Dentistry.

With his many years of advanced training and experience, Dr. Amini has the ability to handle even the most complex implant cases. Many general dentists in the area refer their patients to our office for complex treatment because of Dr. Amini’s expertise. Dr. Amini has placed well over 2,000 implants through the course of his career.

The entire procedure in the comfort of one office

Dr. Amini delivers all steps of your implant treatment right here in our office, including high-tech diagnostics, restoration design, bone grafting, sinus lifts, implant placement and the creation and fitting of the final teeth that will attach to the implants.

Our Dental Implant services

Our dental implant services include:

  • Dental Implants for single missing teeth
  • Implant-supported bridges for multiple missing teeth and all teeth missing
  • Implant-supported dentures (fixed and removable) for multiple missing teeth or a full arch of missing teeth
  • New Teeth in One Day
  • Bone grafting & sinus lifts
  • Mini-implant-supported dentures for lower front teeth that have limited space

New Teeth in One Day!

Dr. Amini can place dental implants and a temporary set of aesthetic, functional teeth in just one visit with a revolutionary, minimally invasive procedure. Dr. Amini uses specially angled implants that take maximum advantage of existing bone in the jaws, eliminating the need for bone grafting. Dr. Amini has more than a decade of experience performing this treatment.

Click here to learn more about New Teeth in One Day.

Complimentary Dental Implant Consultation

Dental Implants

Dr. Amini carefully plans your dental implant placement.

  • Digital photos
  • Basic visual exam
  • Meeting with Dr. Amini
  • Get your questions answered
  • Learn about the different treatment options

*This offer is valid for new and existing patients.

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Precise, minimally invasive Dental Implant treatment

High-tech diagnostics

In order to accurately plan dental implant treatment, Dr. Amini takes several diagnostic steps, including an oral exam to assess the dimensions and space and to check the patient’s bite, digital X-rays and 3D X-rays (3D CT scans) to use for planning the implant surgery ahead of time and to see if the patient needs bone grafting. He also takes a series of digital photos of the jaw and mouth area. As needed, Dr. Amini takes impressions to make a “wax-up” (a model of the inside of your mouth).

CT scan for precision

Dental Implants - Design Dental Group

Dr. Amini uses CT scan technology to plan your dental implant placement.

Dr. Amini uses advanced technology for implant placement, including 3D CT scan technology with our top-of-the-line 3D imaging unit, which captures images of the mouth and jaw area in 360º, 3D view. This is a critical component of successful implant treatment, and Dr. Amini considers that no implant surgery should move forward without first taking CT scans.

The CT scans give him the ability to view exactly how much volume of bone is available for implant placement and where the bone is located. It allows him to see in 3D the relative position of the different structures in the mouth, such as the nerves and blood vessels. In this way, Dr. Amini can diagnose and plan the case more accurately, as well place the implants more accurately.

Meticulous pre-planning

Dental Implants ServicesDr. Amini uses the X-rays, scans, models and photos to study the case and plan the steps of the treatment. He plans the surgery ahead of time so he can place the implants with great accuracy in the ideal locations. This results in successful integration of the implants into the jawbone for long-lasting results.

Guided surgery

Dr. Amini can use the data from the 3D CT scan images to create a surgical guide that enables him to very accurately angle the implant into the jawbone.

Gentle Extractions

Any needed extractions are done usually in the same visit as the implant placement. Dr. Amini’s extraction procedure is minimally invasive:  very gentle and quick, and causing no damage to surrounding bone.

Bone Grafting and Sinus Lifts: Augmenting the bone level

Dental Implants Services

Dr. Amini can determine if you need bone grafting for your dental implant.

Dr. Amini performs bone grafting when there’s insufficient bone to successfully support dental implants. Sinus lifts are performed on patients whose sinuses have extended down into the part of the upper jaw where the implant will be placed. Dr. Amini usually does the bone grafting during the same visit as your implant placement.

Dr. Amini is highly knowledgeable in bone augmentation procedures and has done a lot of complex grafting. He uses high-quality materials to give a lasting foundation for your implants.

Learn more about Bone Grafting & Sinus Lifts.

High-success rate of integration and longevity

Implants need to integrate into the surrounding bone to be considered fully healed. Dr. Amini is very meticulous in each step of the procedure and as a result he has a very high success rate of the implants successfully integrating into the jaw bone and remaining firmly seated. This careful preparation also assists in faster healing, usually about three to six months, although for some patients it can take longer.

High-quality, durable new teeth

During the healing period Dr. Amini supplies you with natural-looking, functional temporary teeth. After the implant site has fully healed, Dr. Amini connects a post to the implant called an abutment, to connect to the new tooth or teeth.

Implants can be attached to crowns, dental bridges or dentures. As a prosthodontist, Dr. Amini is an expert in creating aesthetic, natural-looking replacement teeth.

Your comfort is important to us

Dental Implants Services

Your comfort is important to us.

Dr. Amini will make you feel comfortable and relaxed during your procedure. He will put you at ease beforehand by explaining in detail to you everything that will occur. He uses a gentle touch and stays in good communication with you during your treatment. For long procedures or patients who experience a lot of fear or anxiety about dental procedures, we do have sedation options available including IV sedation.

Patient testimonials

Patient Testimonials“I was in need of two titanium implants for both my front teeth due to a sports injury in the past. A local dentist referred me to Dr. Amini and told me he was the best around. I decided to go to him because of his reputation in the community and as a professor at Loma Linda University.

“I knew I faced a long road ahead with the dental work I needed, but Dr. Amini made it easier with his one-on-one care. Dr. Amini is the most personable guy I’ve ever met. When he explains things, he can break it down clearly. As a professor at Loma Linda, he knows how to ‘dumb’ things down so you can understand them easily.

“Dr. Amini’s staff are great!! They are a direct reflection of Dr. Amini and treat me like family. Dr. Amini’s availability and his workmanship are excellent.

“I’ve had problems with my front teeth since the ‘90s. Now they’re all squared away. Today I can’t go anywhere without someone noticing what a brighter, more confident and straighter smile I have, due to Dr. Amini’s work!!! It is the smile I’ve always wanted. I will never go anywhere else and have already referred him.”

—Eric D.


Patient Testimonials“I feel comfortable with him and trust him.”

“I first heard about Dr. Amini from my sister-in-law, who is a patient of his. I didn’t like my teeth at all. I was embarrassed when I smiled and didn’t have confidence.

“Dr. Amini is very friendly and personable. He is also very professional with a great education and a lot of experience. He has a good bedside manner. He listens to you very carefully, and he takes care to address your chief complaint. I feel comfortable with him and trust him.

“I drove here from San Diego to see Dr. Amini since he is an excellent clinician and does high quality work. He is the best and most skillful and talented dentist I know of in California. It was totally worth it to drive to Newport.

“The office staff are friendly and nice. All of the equipment in the office is brand new, and some of them I haven’t seen in any other offices. As a result of my treatment, I can smile comfortably and eat without any pain.”

—Negin M.

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Before and After Pictures

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    This patient received a dental implant and veneer to restore their smile.

  • Smile Gallery - Design Dental Group

    This patient received a single dental implant and veneer.

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