Invisalign Clear Teeth Straightening in Newport Beach

Invisalign Clear Teeth Straightening

Dr. Amini provides Invisalign Clear Teeth Straightening to give you a straight, confident smile.

Beautiful, straight teeth without metal braces

Invisalign Clear Teeth Straightening

Get straight teeth and a beautiful smile with Invisalign

Invisalign clear teeth straightening is a modern orthodontic treatment that uses a series of clear, plastic aligners to gradually straighten your teeth. It is a virtually invisible, comfortable alternative to regular metal braces, and can fix most of the same conditions.

Dr. Amini is an experienced Invisalign provider with many cases under his belt. In addition to being very experienced and skilled at Invisalign teeth straightening, Dr. Amini is a prosthodontist, a specialist in restoring teeth to natural beauty and function. This training gives him a good overview and understanding of what needs to be done to create an aesthetic smile with Invisalign.

Dr. Amini is also friendly and easy to communicate with. He will be sure to make you feel comfortable and keep you well informed throughout your treatment.

In your first consultation Dr. Amini will explain the Invisalign procedure. If you have any questions about which straightening option will be best for you, he will also discuss the pros and cons of each.

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

Invisalign Clear Teeth Straightening

Invsialign aligners are virtually invisible.

Some of the benefits of Invisalign include:

  • The clear aligners are virtually invisible, so people won’t even know you’re straightening your teeth.
  • Invisalign makes it easy to maintain proper oral hygiene, as you can remove the aligners completely for brushing and flossing.
  • There are fewer visits to the dentist compared to traditional braces.
  • The aligners can be removed for special occasions such as weddings or photo shoots.
  • You can eat whatever foods you want.

How Invisalign works

Planning your treatment

Invisalign Clear Teeth Straightening

We use software that shows how your teeth will change at each step of the Invisalign process.

First we will take digital X-rays, photos and impressions of your teeth and gums, which will be used to create a digital 3D representation of your teeth. Dr. Amini will create a written evaluation, which will precisely plan out your treatment step by step. He can show you how your teeth with shift at each stage and how long it will take to achieve the final results. This data will be sent to Invisalign to create your set of aligners.

Comfortable custom aligners based on your treatment plan

Invisalign Clear Teeth StraighteningInvisalign custom-designs a series of clear trays just for your teeth for every step of your treatment plan. The amount of aligners needed varies case by case.

The aligners are made of a smooth, BPA-free plastic. They fit comfortably over your teeth without irritating your gums, which can be an issue with traditional metal braces.

The aligners should be worn for 20 to 22 hours a day. You can remove them for brushing, flossing and eating.

Gradually and gently straightening your teeth

You will change your aligners approximately every two weeks. The aligners will gradually and gently move your teeth into a new position, each aligner moving your teeth a little closer to the end result.

You will meet with Dr. Amini approximately once every six weeks, so he can make sure you’re progressing as needed through your treatment. On average, it takes about one year for adults to complete their Invisalign treatment.

Conditions Invisalign can fix

Dr. Amini uses Invisalign clear aligners to correct a wide variety of issues from mild cases of crooked teeth to more serious bite alignment issues. Here are some conditions that can be treated by Invisalign:

Invisalign Clear Teeth StraighteningOverly crowded

When there isn’t sufficient space for teeth to fit normally in the jaws, crowding occurs.

Invisalign Clear Teeth StraighteningOverbite

When one or more of your upper teeth bite over your lower teeth.

Invisalign Clear Teeth StraighteningUnderbite

When one or more lower teeth protrude in front of your upper teeth.

Invisalign Clear Teeth StraighteningGaps or Spaces in Teeth

Gaps can cause teeth to shift into the empty spaces and become loose because the dental arch is not as secure.

Invisalign Clear Teeth StraighteningOpen Bite

When both the upper and lower teeth are forced outwards so that they don’t touch each other, even when the mouth is closed.

Invisalign Clear Teeth StraighteningCrossbite

When one or more of the upper teeth bite on the inside of the lower teeth.

Invisalign financing options

Payment Options - CareCreditStraightening your teeth can greatly improve your oral health and self-esteem. To help you get the treatment you need, we offer financing options through CareCredit. Patients seeking financing for Invisalign often can get no-interest financing or very low interest rates on 18-month or 24-month payment plans.

We welcome you to give us a call or visit our Payment Options page to learn more about CareCredit.

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