Gentle and skilled extractions

Our doctors will do everything possible to preserve a tooth. However, in some cases, it’s necessary to extract a tooth because it is too damaged from injury, decay or other causes.

Our minimally invasive approach to extractions

The dentist utilizes a special dental tool used for tooth extractions designed to extract the tooth so that it comes out easier and faster with minimal trauma to surrounding tissues.

Sedation Options Available

To make the process as comfortable as possible, patients have the option of sedation, including IV sedation delivered by our anesthesiologist when requested. 

Wisdom tooth extractions

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars in the back of the mouth that sometimes begin to erupt in your late teens or early twenties. They may come in without causing problems. However, sometimes it’s necessary to have them removed. Here are some of the reasons why wisdom teeth would need to be extracted:

  • They’re impacted – which means that they’re trapped in your gums or jawbone and won’t come in fully or at all.
  • They’re coming in at an angle that will cause deep gum pockets and gum recession around the more critical second molars, putting them at risk of decay or tooth loss.
  • They’re hard to brush and floss properly because they’re so far back in the mouth, which can lead to gum disease and tooth decay.
  • There isn’t enough room in your mouth for them to come in, and their eruption will cause crowding or poor bite alignment.

Socket Preservation

When a tooth is removed from its socket and the gap is left empty, bone loss can occur, as the jawbone requires the stimulation of your chewing tooth in order for it to stay strong.

In order to prevent this, the doctor performs socket preservation by filling the empty socket with bone graft material. This keeps the underlying bone strong and prevents decay.

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